Built-in Cookers

Built-in cookers

Our selection of built-in cookers are a great space-saving feature in any kitchen.

Affordable built-in cookers in Essex

Essex Gas Showroom's range of wall-mounted cookers allow you to maintain floor space in your kitchen, and can be installed at any height for ease of access. 
Stylish range of hobs

Stylish range to choose from

Essex Gas Showrooms stock a wide range of built-in cookers for you to choose from. Whether you want a classical touch or a 21st century look, we've got something in our showroom for you. If you wanted to discuss your ideas, our friendly sales team will be happy to assist. 
oven installation

Expert fitting

Once you've made your decision, our experienced installation team will ensure your oven is installed correctly and safely. For your safety we only use Gas Safe registered engineers. 

As well as ovens, we also stock boilers and fireplaces. Visit our showroom today to find out more. 
For professional fitting and maintenance of built-in cookers, call us on:
01702 618 908
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